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In a decade of revivals and reimagination, Franki Chan holds close the ideals and vision that has brought him to the forefront of his craft, seamlessly merging music, video and art by way of DJing, Illustration,  Live Events, Writing and Directing; all of which contribute to creating a pop-renegade aesthetic that defines the energy and unpredictability of the artist himself. This post-digital Renaissance man has created an empire of all the things he loves and is.

As Godfather of IHEARTCOMIX, Franki Chan spends his time refining all aspects of a culture he helped create. For over eleven years, IHEARTCOMIX has provided markets globally with some of the most original production concepts to come to fruition, and his personal influence with booking and curating unique lineups further establishes himself as one of the premiere tastemakers in the world. Developed initially to specify in event production, IHC later evolved into a record label with an interest in introducing the world to some of the best unheard or underground sounds. Artists such as Matt & Kim, HEARTSREVOLUTION, Flosstradamus and Brodinski all had their debut on the label and all reflect the energy of Chan’s personality, and it’s his ability to recognize and cultivate this talent that has enabled these artists to grow; helping him to plant the seeds not just for their future, but a whole new generation. In the years to come, IHC developed further into a marketing machine, cultivating pop culture, and further into the realms of Film & TV.

While known for his signature hat and thick-rimmed glasses, the true testament to Franki Chan’s character lies in his illustrations and music. As a child growing up in Bloomington, IN; Chan’s affinity for drawing and punk rock led to an explosion across a number of artistic mediums, most of which has been captured through years and years of Polaroids that now occupy an ever growing number of shoeboxes. After spending high school living in Japan, and touring America playing drums for Operation: Cliff Clavin and learning the ropes of DIY culture via Plan-It-X Records, Chan made the jump to Bellingham, WA. There he took over the reins of the infamous Showoff Gallery before relocating to Seattle where he developed his talents side-by-side, expanding on his growing passion for music of all types and creating a place for it to develop. Whether that meant djing an underground party at The Eggroom, illustrating flyers, booking the perfect lineup at Graceland, or combining all three, Chan has always succeeded in creating some of the best nights ever.

Franki Chan’s DIY dedication to shape and evolve culture as it happens continues to be ever present in his work. Today, he resides in Los Angeles where he has established himself as a prominent figure in LA nightlife for over a decade; with a notable past that includes Fucking Awesome, Cinespace Tuesdays (w/ Steve Aoki and The Cobrasnake), and IHEARTCOMIX’s flagship series, Check Yo Ponytail. It is here that Chan works diligently to create the elements of his own modern universe and his most recent projects are a testament to years of hard work and perseverance.  As an Electro pioneer, Chan and his taste-making sensibilities have appeared in Spin, Rolling Stone, Dazed & Confused, Pitchfork, and The FADER to name a few. His ability to discover new and exciting talent has defined Chan’s taste as one that you can trust and it is apparent through the legions of successful artists who have performed at any one of Chan’s iconic events.

No one may know the true path of their future; those who succeed choose to create one for themselves. In a time where most are afraid to design the template for their success, Franki Chan has created an entire empire that continues to expand and challenge what we think we’ve all seen or heard. As the future unfolds, prepare for Franki Chan to stay on the frontline again, with innovative concepts to define a sound and aesthetic for the future to catch up with. Just like he always has.