Franki Chan Blog

05/25/04 - a week in the life of trouble. pt 1.

i go through phases with these things. sometimes i'll write everyday, sometimes not for months at a time. sometimes i'll write all my introspective, unhappy, romantic, what's the meaning of life shit (like i have been) and sometimes i'll just tell it how it is. the last is more like documentation than anything. it's the mode i'm in now. i'm gonna see if i can document everything that happens for a week, or so. i'm just tired of all the whiny bullshit. this morning i woke up in my friend kate's bed, hung over, dehydrated and having to piss like a muthafucker. you ever have to pee so bad that you can't? that's how i felt this morning and when it finally came out, i felt like i'd lost every drop of water in my body. i felt naseous (?) and slowly made my way back to her bed, only to be woken up minutes later. kate had to go to work, and i had to leave. i drove her to her car and went home, pulled out the futon in my new bunk bed and sprawled out on the fullsize mattress, half-naked and delerious. ............ yesterday, after an almost agonizing day of running menial errands, listening to my best friend zane argue with his girlfriend on the phone and scrambling to find replacement dj's for thursday night, i relaxed by sifting through old mix tapes (both that i'd made and others had made me) and drawing a rilo kiley t-shirt design. somehow i got talked into showing up at spaceland for the free monday night. i was supposed to meet my dj partner steve aoki there to pass out flyers for tonight's show, but he bailed and i met up with jason stewart instead. he gave me the goods, and i passed them away. i was feeling anti-social and didn't really wanna be there. i was extra ticked too, because i lost my i.d (which i found!) and got hassled at the door. while randomly running around the club, i ran into kate. we adjourned to the smoking room, to have quite a few smokes and glasses of whiskey, straight. she put me in a better mood as i tried to give her drum lessons and she went on mysteriously about AA weekend. after about 45 min, she left to move her car, called and said she was going to the little joy. i met her there, where again, smoking and whiskey ensued. i ran into an old friend from bellingham, wa, terrel. the man who pissed me off so many years ago after breaking my drumset. he moved in with my ex-bandmate and ex-girlfriend in san diego. suddenly he's an l.a. man, with bellingham (his home town) still in his sites. he bought me another whiskey straight and we rapped about old times. at around 1am, kate and i decided to get out of the little joy and go on a quest for liquer (which we didn't find). we ended up buying a couple 24's of bud and some donuts and going back to her place. we chugged the beers and listened to bob dylan. we traded stories and had a brief moment what would barely pass as a lame excuse for wrestling. at some point we passed out, but i don't know when. ............ when i woke up on my futon at home, i was already late for a meeting with my dj partner steve. i made it to his house shortly after attaining my prerequisite coffee. we made big plans for upcoming nights, then met with our other partner jason and made them bigger. we're gonna change this town, it's true. this leads me to where i am now. hours spent gazing at a flickering screen, bladder filling back up from all the water i've been chugging to regain hydration. from here, more drawing, drums and off into the night for another shot at the turntables.