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09/02/03 - don’t say one word….

2003.09.02  00.02 don't say one word... (from livejournal) there definitely some advantages to living above and working at the same rock club: 1. you get to see all the shows for free 2. little or no commute time between work and home 3. making it home after getting drunk at a show is no problem there are also disadvantages as well: 1. like having a night off, while there's a fucking nu-metal night going on downstairs. i'm living through this hell right now. what band you might ask? the shitlickers. well, not really, but i call all the nu-metal bands that (hey, i was wondering if i could book a show for my band. sure, what are you guys called? adema. oh, shitlickers? no problem. would you like to play with THE shit lickers on oct so and so...?). try to stay inside, try to watch a movie, it's impossible, but when you're trying to stay insode and save money. it turns into an endurance test. that's one of the downfalls of booking a club. sometimes you just gotta bite your lip and book the shitlickes. it's impossible to have a les savy fav or trail of dead everynight. there just aren't enough bands to go around. i'm trying to aviod the, "here's what i did last night!" posts too, much, but due to a lack of inspiration from a tiring and beersoaked weekend, i'm not full of my usual editorials. anyway, here;s a run down of my labor day weekend... friday: spent the first half of the day in the office, booking away (see 1st half). at five or so i made my way over to bumpershoot (a 4 day music festival in seattle). i aquired my passes, and jason and i went backstage to hang out with the shins/modest mouse/quasi. mostly i talked to other feiends and drank their beer. i had to leave early to go work the show at graceland. partied at the rosebud and jason's house. saturday: woke up and met up with my friend andrew bonazelli. we headed over to bumpershoot bright and early. we checked out the poster show first and i ran into a myriad of poster art comtemporaries and old friends. then, we checked out minus the bear. after that we scored some salmon burgers and sat on a stoop to enjoy. a crazy (like i mean insane) christian guy came up to try to convince us that jesus is real. i told him to fuck off and to leave us alone. after that we went to see the blind boys of alabama. the first three songs, wonderful. then, they went into a long god/jesus diatribe (which was too much after crazy guy) and straight into a ben harper cover. i couldn't take it. we left. (for those of you who don't know, the blind boys of alabama are gospel/soul singers from the 50's, they should not be doing ben harper covers). we snuck into the comedy show by waving our press/v.i.p. passes around. i'd never seen stand-up live before. after that, aesop rock, and then we left. i worked again. entertained an agent from william morris for a while. met up with zane and the rest of the vendetta red boys after. they had just arrived back into town. another house party. sunday: travis and i met up with zane and lexi. we drove around, picked up vendetta red and headed over to bumpershoot. we arrived and loaded in. the thermals were just finishing and vendetta red was up next. ran into ben gibbard and kris k backstage. hadn't seen those boys in awhile. vendetta red played an awesome set. the crowd was nuts. zack walked on the audience. brilliant. kids were screaming, "STEP ON MY FACE PLEASE!! PPPLLLEEEAASSSEE!!!" checked out some Common after that, walked though american hi-fi (shit, as always). the best part of the day was just hangingout with zane and lexi. trouble crew back in town! we left bumpershoot, i worked, again, and we all went to the bar after. somehow, it turned into an all nighter. i made it home at 11 this morning. today: breakfast with lexi and travis. making gifts for zane. preparing for his birthday. the shitlickers. Mood: anxious Music: busta rhymes