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03/24/04 - early morning l.a. sunshine.

2004.03.24  09.01 early morning l.a. sunshine. (from livejournal) it's 9am, wed morning. i'm sitting in an internet cafe on hollywood blvd and la brea, in l.a. the chinese theatre is right down the street. i came in here to get directions the shoot i'm doing today. i'm playing a hacker (as an extra, no speaking lines) in a high profile police office for some WB pilot called eyes. i guess it's like a CSI ripoff or something. i don't know, i don't watch tv. i woke up at 7am, because my call time was 9:30am and traffic is shit. they called at 8:30 and said it's been pushed back to 10:30. i only slept 3 hours! i coulda had one more!! what?! at least i'll get free food for the next three days (i'm working it until friday and sets all have this awesome thing called catering!!). dj'd with steve aoki at cinespace last night. the lashes & roy played. the night was fun. it's weird how since being here, i see everyone from seattle about as often as i did there, and most of my friends here are from seattle!! you don't actually meet new people in this town. it's just a bunch hi, hello sirs! ok, off to work. ps note to self. dont' write at 9am, because you're boring as shit. Mood: groggy Music: 88.1 l.a.'s awesome jazz station