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So I’m slackin’. So what? We only have 4 days left.

WED – Los Angeles

After an exhausting day #2 in LA, day #3 begins with a slow start, namely, me on my friend lexi’s couch, by myself, in my underwear, working on a comic and watching movies for the first four hours. At some point in that period of time, I lazily wander over to the KFC right next door and buy a refillable cup of coffee (which I take advantage of quite a few times). I couldn’t find a “real” coffee shop, not like the ones we seem to have on every corner in seattle anyway. KFC was my only hope, and the all to friendly Mexican ladies that were working behind the counter were all too happy to oblige.
Travis shows up from being in travis land for an evening. We continue with our lazy day until around 3pm. Lexi calls and gives us directions to filter magazine. She says “this is where you’ll find the free levi’s.” we hop in the car and head over to filter HQ and meet up with Adrienne, who I’d met the night before. He showed us around a bit, measured us, and decked us out in the new type 1’s. we got like three pairs each, a jacket and some shirts. The dude hooked us up and then took our photo for something, I’m not sure what. We gave him our band name, and now I guess we’re co-sponsored by levi’s and filter? I don’t really give a shit either way, cuz well, I GOT FREE JEANS!! Pleasantries aside, at this point I felt like my stomach was rotting out from way too much KFC coffee and no food, so we headed over to swingers. Some friends recommended it, but the food was awful. Never eat there. Please.

Lexi and marissa had plans to take travis to another preview screening of American Pie 3, while I had to go to band practice. I borrowed the car and began my trek to Orange County. Somehow I took a wrong exit somewhere, ended up in east LA and found myself for the second time on this trip stranded in a foreign land and can’t speak the language. I went to the most public place possible (at this point I didn’t quite realize I was lost) and began asking around for directions. No one I talked to seemed to know what I was talking about. Eventually, one guy took it upon himself, as his mission, to find me directions. He dragged me from person to person asking everyone where bumfuck street was to no avail. I pleaded for directions back to the freeway, convinced I’d taken the wrong exit, got back in my car and called luis. I had. I still had to drive 40 minutes south.

I drove down to Your enemies Friends practice space. I hadn’t seen everyone for over 9 months and when I finally did it was so good. I missed those kids and I’m glad they’re back in action, new album (which is brilliant) and new keyboard player (hi Allison!) in hand. We chatted it up a bit. I found my box of lights, set everything up, and we practiced. We even used the smoke machine (which I later burned the fuck out of my finger with)!!!

Ok, so practice was good, we ran through the set twice, and I picked up my light and smoke duties pretty fast. We loaded gear up, Ronnie and I made plans to go out and decided it was too late. I drove home, delirious, starving, craving nourishment and finally made it one hour later. Indian food was on the menu, and at two am, I found myself back on the couch, stuffed, and watching movies again.

Update #8 preview:

Rock n’ roll, drugs, parties, memory lapses…
August 13, 2003