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Yeah so the last time I updated was like day 3 or 4 of the trip and we’re up to like day 12 and there’s so much. I couldn’t find a fucking computer anywhere, and if I had I was probably too drunk or drugged up to use it anyway. So what I’m gonna do is break it up into a couple parts here. First couple days of comic con are covered, so we’re looking at day three. Friday began a series of straight up party days. Most of “business stuff” at comic con was taken care of. Now it was all about making new friends, selling my comic and terrorizing the crowd. The first two are easy, but the last one, the terrorizing part, we thought long and hard about that one. We began by first every morning buying a bottle of whiskey and a case of beer. We’d stuff it into our packs, hide it under our boot and take the occasional shot and or necessary “shotgun”. After the ritualistic finally woke up/and finally getting wasted couple of hours (we had to be there at 8:30am every day, and speaking of which, I haven’t slept more than 4 hours on any given night of this trip and have reached such a level of complete lunacy that I fear I may never recover) the chaos began.

Comic con is full of costumes. People dressed up like every comic book/sci-fi/manga character you can think of. So why not celebrate and have some fun with them. We went around and recruited the best ones for photo ops (dance parties, high fives, violence, etc.). we tracked down movie starts. Michael madsen (mr. blonde), met him. Asked him to party. Kate beckensale, yep. Possibly one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in real life. Kevin smith, him too. I think my most infamous meeting was with Naomi harris (the girl from 28 days later). She was on a panel and they opened it up for questions. All the fucking nerds are asking zombie questions, but not me, I walk up and ask (and keep in mind that this is in front of 4500 people), “what are you doing tonight?” the crowd goes wild. She replies, “well I’m actually going back to LA” then I say, “well, what are you doing right after this, there’s a bar right across the street…” of course it didn’t happen, but it was worth a shot. Oh, I hung out with rob zombie, crispen glover and quenten tarantino too. One more comic con adventure then I gotta start driving to seattle. We brought a money suit with us. You put that thing on and you’re just not yourself anymore. We lept over tables, scared kids, attacked our favorite pros, interrupted sumo matches. The shit was off the hook.

Ok, so that was only the day time. Nighttime at comic con is coming up (Eisner awards, house parties, masquerade balls, exclusive parties, etc.) and we’re not even to LA yet. More later today.

July 27, 2003