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Ok ok, so after searching the ENTIRE state of California for a computer that actually works and having absolutely no luck at all, I come back to seattle hoping for the comfort of the computer in my office only to find that the dsl is totally out of wack and I have no internet access. Finally it’s back on and I can finish the updates. For anyone that doesn’t know, yes I’m back in seattle, and if you’re new Friendster, you can catch the other three of these updates in the bulletin board section. I have several left, but I’ll finish, I promise. It’s not gonna be like the six years we had to wait for “back to the future part II” or anything.

So, in the last one I gave you a quick overview of what the last three days at comic con were life. Now, here’s more of a day by day and night account.

Friday: as I stated before, we began the night by boozing it up. I spent most of my afternoon trying to chase down movie stars. I had never met one before the night previous, and I’ll be damned if I’m in such close proximity to so many and let them get away. So the Naomi harris thing happened, then there was kate beckinsale and crispin glover. The money suit made a brief appearance and we befriended some fellow small press comic book tables. There was a discussion of organizing a revolt of the small press against the main stream, but we decided it wasn’t worth the effort and smoked pot instead. When the day was coming to a close, we heard that that night the Eisner awards were going on (basically the grammys of the comic book world). Everyone told us it was a bore, but then we found out about the free drinks and decided we just had to go. We showed up early and manage to sneak in, passing ourselves off as pros. There are two tables of gourmet free food for “pros only”. We quickly dig in. I get so full I almost puke and almost again when I find out the drinks aren’t free. Good thing we had a couple beers stashed in my bag. Our friends from the dark horse show up and we end up sitting at their table in the VIP section. I meet the owner, smart off to him (that’s my style) and we spend the show sneaking under the table to drink. The highlight was a small press creator who won (I forget his name, sorry). He walked up to receive his award in a terrible suit and wig and pretended he was someone else. Went on and on about some nonsense story about how he was raised on a desert island and kick coconuts around. It was fucking hilarious. I think only the rockers in the audience liked it, cuz the old dudes (and trust me, comics people, at least the “pros” are mostly real old dudes) were pissed. After the eisners we went out with our friends from dark horse, tim and Shawna, and a bunch of their friends from chico. Travis and I shotgunned beers in their hotels elevator and made a huge mess. The lot of us roamed downtown san diego and eventually ended up on the stoop of the hotel, partying into the wee hours of the morning with, again, too much alcohol and electris shockers disguised as pens. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard so many fart jokes in one evening.

Continued in part 2…..