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Saturday: Saturday at the comic con is the big day. It’s the day when all the really, really, famous people show up and so, there in turn, all the proportionate masses show as well. It is a fucking mad house, it really is. Travis and I are well aware that halle berry and Angelina jolie will be there, so we make plans to show up extra early, get our exhibitor badges (which give you early access, which some reason the pro badges don’t) and get in line. We do this, but the line is still humongous, like a mile long, no shit. We decide it’s not worth waiting the several hours and give up. Later in the day, I discover that press passes get you access beyond the lines, so I swindle one for myself and meet as many movie stars as I can. Surprisingly, the most memorable one was rob zombie, who I just happened to bump into at the con. He’s a pretty awesome dude. I recommend hanging out with him if you ever have the chance. The monkey suit made an even larger appearance this day. It was all about tackling sumo wrestlers and scaring little kids. We also made up a new game called box head. We found a box roughly the size of a head, and ran around the con throwing it on people’s heads and running away. It was too funny. Of course we were drunk. It was probably our biggest drinking day at the con. When it came to an end, there was a costume contest for all the nerds in costumes on the upper floor. We decided to go. While waiting in line and scoring tickets (somehow we scammed our way into everything) we met two girls dressed as powder puff girls and hung out with them. The costume contest was hosted by Robert englund (freddy Krueger) and was hilarious. These people would come out in their costumes and do dances and skits, what have you. My favorite was the lord of the rings musical. I guess you would have had to have seen it to believe it. After the contest, my san diego rocker friends (what up bekkah and Gabriel!) drcided to throw a house party and I was to be the dj. We invited the powder puff girls along, stopped and bought a bottle of tequila, champagne, and another case of beer. The party was incredible, even rivaling some of seattle’s better house parties. The kids were dancing. I was shocked I get still dj, seeing as how drunk I was, but somehow it worked. Eventually the cops came (typical) and the party got busted. We ended up going to another girls house for a little after hours get together. Travis and I got into an argument with the girl’s house little sister’s boyfriend and then passed out somewhere. We woke up in an unfamiliar neighborhood, without a car and were late for the comic con.

Continued in part 3…