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Please, I recommend reading these three updates in order. It will make a hell of a lot more sense.


So we wake up at this random girl’s house. No car and no sense of direction. We walk outside and it’s hot as balls, which is the worst when you have a terrible hangover and just woke up. Really, it’s like hell. We talk with the locals some and discover that house we’ve been staying at isn’t too far away, but that our car is on the other side of town. We walk home, get showered up, grab some coffee and get ready to call a taxi, when our friend sam shows up and offers us a ride. We get the car, and hoof it to over to comicon. We are now two hours late. Sunday is the last day of comicon. It ends early and it’s kids day. Neither of our favorites. All we have left in the booze department is a little bit of tequila. We decide to save it for later, cuz we’re just too damn tired. I decide to wander around the con and run into one of the kids I had met from chico. We decide it would be a good day to gamble, seeing as how it’s kids day and all, and head over to the warhammer 20k booth (it’s the nerdiest of nerdy roll playing games, d&d is a joke to these guys). We steal five dice and get a game going in the middle of the floor. While this is happening a news crew comes and interviews us and eventually we get caught. We move the game back over to our booth and get a whole posse involved. Eventually one of the security guards tries to stop us. He says “there are no games of chance allowed that involve the exchange of money”, I tell him “hey look, the game is predetermined.” He gives us a confused look and walks away. After the game travis and I are sitting at the booth when a very attractive girl walks by. We reacted the same way we would when anyone walked by, “hey, buy our comix!!” she said no thanks, and we’re like “well at least have a look at them!” and she does. Her and I end up spending the next few hours together smoking, walking around comicon, making plans for the evening, everything, it was wonderful. She was into muscle cars and my favorite comic book, kabuki. It was all going so well, and then her work called her in, and she had to go. We made plans to hang out in l.a., but I never called her. I got distracted. Travis spent the rest of the day drifting in and out of consciousness as they played both harry potter movies in the upstairs theatre. Sunday ended swiftly. As the day was coming to a close, rumors were flying rampant that there was a super secret after party, called a dead dog party. I had to go. I looked up my dark horse friends first. They had invites, but had no way of getting more. Then I remembered I had an in guy, Bob Schreck. Editor extraordinaire from dc comics, a living legend in his own right. I had forgotten that he’d invited me in the first place. I went and found him. He tracked down an invite for me (I know this sounds easy, but really, this part was hush hush/maximum security). He said I was “going somewhere” and deserved to go. My friends at dark horse said it was probably because he had a crush on me, meaning he has crushes on cute comic boys (not sure I fall in that category, but I’ll take it). I was hoping it was a combination of both. I certainly like my women, but there’s just something about older, bigger gay men with beards that cuss a lot that I just find to be totally awesome. Not so awesome that I’d want to suck a dick, but pretty fuckin awesome. So, comicon ends, as we’re loading out I spill the entire box of comix and make a fool out of myself. We run a couple errands, I drop travis off (the invite was good for me only), I meet Shawna, and we head over to the party. The place was top notch. They rented out some swanky restaurant. Free food again!! And a free bar (beers margaritas and wine). I stuff myself and begin downing drinks the single servings aren’t doing it for me, so I convince the bartender to give me a pitcher of margarita, which is my style anyway. Every notable comic personality was there. My table was squeezed between frank miller’s and judd winick’s. each had a jar of markers and paper as the table cover. I drew on mine and later tried to take frank miller’s, got caught and got in trouble. It was comic schmooze paradise! I met and talked with everybody, and as the night rolled on, got another game of dice going. This time, more people and higher stakes. No one in the room had ever played it before, so I made a killing. Finally, the party came to an end, I went back to my friend bekkah’s house and passed out. Travis and I wake up the next morning packed, said our goodbyes and drove to l.a. now beings a whole new kind of crazy and no more comic nonsense. Stay tuned for update #5.