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Please bear with me if this post seems a bit sloppy. I’m a little drunk and super tired. I was at the beach ALL day long and then worked at a ska show. I’m sure you have sympathy.

This will chronicle LA day 1.

We leave san diego by the early afternoon. I have a deadline. I must be in LA by 5-5:30pm to meet up with my friend brianne. She’s taking me to the cast and crew showing of American wedding. Of course traffic is terrible, but somehow we make it right on time. We pull into the gates of the media building she works for (owned by the director of aforementioned movie). It’s nice, posh, in the way that only LA and New York seems to pull off. We meet up, I’m stoked to see her, I change my clothes in the parking lot, and off we are to the premier. We have to leave travis behind because she can only take one guest. We send him to amoeba where he meets up with zane’s girlfriend lexi (also the girl we’ll be staying with) and her Australian friend caroline.
The movie is being shown at the universal studios lot. We opt for valet parking, cuz shit, we’re going to a fucking movie premier!! We walk in, brianne’s name is on the list that gave us wristbands and they gave us free popcorn and soda. The movie was a hoot, hilarious, but the whole time I couldn’t help scanning the crowd seeing if the big stars were there (they weren’t, I guess the real premier was two days later). After the movie we were all invited to an after party at some bar across the way. We go. Free drinks (anything possible) and free snacks. I’m in heaven. I’m taking shots of and drinking top shelf liquor all night. I bro down with the camera man for a while, hang out with some extras and be my usual drunken self, only Hollywood style. At some point a girl there convinced me to go toy shopping for her son with her and another gives me her number. I’m just stunned at how many beautiful people there are in that city. Somehow during the party I end up giving my number out to a lot of people I have very little recollection of who called me all weekend long trying to get on the list for the show I was playing on Thursday (oh, I think I forgot to mention that on my last day in san diego, your enemies friends called and asked if I wanted to do on stage lights for them at their show with pretty girls make graves at the roxy…I said hell yes.)
Anyway, after a couple hours on that nonsense, I’d consumed probably 10 free drinks, was becoming sufficiently wasted and was ready to hook back up with my partner in crime, travis.
Brianne drove me to the small Mexican bar they were hanging out at (cuz travis got his i.d. stolen) and went home. I walked into a world of chaos I wasn’t quite expecting. Travis was wasted out of his mind. He had reached a new level of intoxication that I didn’t think was possible. I mean this kid was on fire. The bartender loved him and kept giving him free drinks all night. I met lexy and caroline for the first time, but somehow within the half hour of meeting, caroline and I were engaged. I couldn’t tell you how it happened, but it did, and for that night, we were serious about it. I was calling zane up on the phone telling him he had to fly in for the wedding the next day. We were having celebratory drinks at the bar. The whole nine yards. We were totally convinced that we were in love, or at least we thought it was really funny. All this goes on and on until the bar closes. We go to lexi’s car, travis can barely walk. Somehow on the carried home he decides it’s a good idea to get naked and thrust his penis out the window, and screaming “who wants to see me naked? My penis is bigger than you think!” we arrive at lexi’s and travis tries to uproot trees in the kfc parking lot and then road signs to no avail. Caroline takes me home with her. We end up staying up all night talking, doing drugs, making our wedding plans and passing out in a fuzzy haze. I heard reports the next morning that travis had tried to sleep in a dumpster, saying, “I need to, it’s been too long.” Oh yeah, he did that after pissing in it. There was some other stuff too, but I forget. Have y’all seen animal house? Just multiply that by three.

So, the next morning travis and I wake up on opposite sides of the city, hung over, again.

Next….day 2. It only gets worse.