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Ok, so this is my second time writing this one, and if it doesn’t go through I’m gonna car bomb the employees at Friendster.

Los Angeles: day #2.

It’s Tuesday morning and I wake up feeling groggy and unsure about what had happened the night previous. As I slowly come back to consciousness, I realize I’m alone in the apartment of the girl I had made plans to get married to. I decide that marriage is a bad bad idea and try desperately to escape. Coffee is the only thing on my mind, but I’m afraid if I leave, I’ll be locked outside in a strange neighborhood. I call travis and wake him into a hang over. A few hours and a movie and a half later he picks me up. The sun snaps me back into soberness, it was a beautiful day outside. We decide to get breakfast.
We drive to the 101, a café I’d eaten breakfast at before. It was in the lobby of a best western on franklin that vendetta red had stayed in when they were recording their full length. I remembered the food was good and that there was a high chance of seeing movie stars there, so I was stoked. I ordered my food and wandered outside for a cigarette with a copy of the weekly. While outside, a really attractive girl walks up and says, “turn to page 96,” “why?,” “just do it.” So I do. She points to an add in the bottom right hand corner, “you should come.” “what is it,” I say. “it’s my play. I wrote it and star in it.” Turns out it’s on the same night and at the same time as the show I’m playing with your enemies friends, so I’m forced to decline. We talk for a while and gives me her phone number anyway, and I walk back inside with a huge grin on my face wishing these kinds of events would happen to me everyday. No one ever does that in seattle, or at least it’s rare. We have a problem with passivity.
My Cajun catfish breakfast comes. We eat fast and split, deciding it might be best to head back up to lexi’s, unpack some and relax. Another movie later my phone rings. It’s lexi. She wants me to come out for dinner with her best friend Marisa (who happens to be the gossip columnist for people magazine). Travis leaves for the evening to go visit his old guitar teacher. Lexi and Marisa pick me up and take me to this amazing vegetarian restaurant. I’m still a bit slow from the events from before, so I start the night off with a shot of whiskey, then a cosmo, then a margarita. I eat a pile of fake chicken wings. As the tree of us drink more, we begin to get really lude and loud. It’s time to leave.
Dinner was on them. We head over to the Cat & The Fiddle. My friend eva is bartending and my other friend angel is meeting us there. Eva hooks up with free drinks for all and I have three whiskey cokes and a double shot of wild turkey. We spend our time cracking jokes and taking photos. The cat &fiddle is kind of a classier place and not too full of excitement. It was good seeing eva, but it was time to go.
I drive with angel over to the three of clubs. It’s always good to see her. I met her on the ugly Casanova/les savy fav/mars volta tour I went on a couple years ago and have seen her every time I’ve come to cali since. Anyway, we get there, she decides she should go, I meet back up with lexi & Marisa and run smack dab into Derek, nick and jay from pretty girls make graves (they were in LA shooting their new video). Jay says “it’s time to rock it seattle style!” and we head over to the bar. Just so happens my friend cali is working. Mad props all around and here comes two more free whiskey cokes (do the math). Jay and I decide it’s time to get a game of dice going (which is unsuccessful). I mingle a bit and walk back up to the bar for another round. Cali pulls one of the slickest moves I’ve ever seen. I’m standing, ordering a drink, and two very very cute girls walk up right next to me and order too. Cali walks back with the drinks and says, “do you know Frankie? Well, you should, he just bought these drinks for you,” and I’m in. I didn’t even see it coming. We end up talking, and eventually the conversation breaks to just me and one of the girls. Her name is tammy and she’s awesome. We traded phone numbers, she said she’s call me the next day, the bar closed, I said my goodbyes, and I was stoked…and drunk. Outside of the bar, I finally got a real game of dice going on the side of the building as lexi waited impatiently in the background. She pulled me away, dragged me to the car and introduced me to her friend Adrienne, saying, “this is the guy who is giving you and travis free levi’s tomorrow.” What!! Free pants! Yes! She drove us home and that was it.

Now I know this one isn’t as exciting and filled with adventure and debauchery as the others, but it’s still an important day. It introduces a whole cast of characters that will play a huge role in the lude events to come. Stay tuned.