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***this is #9 of a 10 part series that I’ve been severely slacking on. If you’re just tuning in, scroll back through the bulletin board and find the other parts.***

Los Angeles, CA

Friday Morning was full of the usual LA fare. Underwear, couches, movies, breakfast (@ the 101 again), comix, etc. I’d give you a detailed description, but you’ve heard it, what, 6 times already? Enough is enough. So, let’s skip that.

When we finally left the house to do something interesting, our first mission was to go back by the filter magazine offices. Adrienne (the guy that gave us the levi’s) had lent travis an i.d. to use at the post show bar hopping we experienced the night before because he’s had his i.d. stolen in mexico. We had to return it. He asked us what we were doing that evening. We stayed in LA the extra day because we were having so much fun, but of course we were lost, always hungry for the next fun activity, but never knowing where to find it. Adirienne suggested a club. We kept it in mind and left.

I went back to lexi’s house to try to get into contact with tammy. She and I had made plans to hang out before she went to work. We were gonna go on a real “date:. I called her. No answer. Called again. No answer. My phone didn’t get service at lexi’s so it was frustrating. I was nervous, anxious. Finally she called and left me a message. Her band practice had gone late and her drummer had left something in orange county and she wasn’t going to be able to hang out. I was bummed, but she called me later and we made plans to hang out when she got off work.

While I was hanging out at the house, travis walked over to the la brea tar pits. God knows what kind of trouble that kid got into by himself. I never asked.

He returned home to find me by myself, it was around 6:30pm. I few hours of both of us staring at a tv and cleaning up lexi’s later, my phone rang. It was my friend Christine. She suggested we meet her at a club called…ahh I don’t remember what it was called, but it was “ultimate scenester hang out.” We show up at around 10, and met up with Christine and her friend. It’s not quite hopping, but we get a couple beers and catch up on old times.

People in LA, must all have synchronized watches, cuz it seemed to come from out of nowhere, but everybody showed up at the same time. Lines everywhere, wall to wall bodies, a sweat covered dance floor. The party was getting started and “ultimate scenester hangout” lived up to its name. it was the cream of the LA hipster crop, I felt like I was gonna puke. Travis and I ran into a few friends, including Adrienne. I guess this was the club he was telling us about before. We ended up hanging out with him most of the night. We all drank too much (as per usual) and I took a vicadan. Most of the evening was spent trying to navigate through the crowd without being crushed, but towards the end, we finally found our own table outside and the hijinks began. It was your usual Frankie and travis fare. A couple loudmouths, screaming and criticizing all the passers by, bumming cigarettes off of everyone we could (we were out and drunk, a bad combination for us), constantly trying to talk someone, anyone into buying us a drink. Adrienenne was sitting with us, and we could tell he loved it, so we decided to try to get a girl to make out with him, which we did. He spent the last 15 minutes of bartime giving the rest of the club a lesson in public displays of affection.

The bar closes, and immediately after, tammy calls. She’s off work, driving in her car and completely wasted. She doesn’t seem to realize exactly where she’s going. I start to freak out and try to talk her into coming over, or parking and we’ll come find her, or something. I can barely make out what she’s saying, then my phone dies. I grab travis and make him leave. I need to get some battery power to call her back and the only place for that is home. I’m really worried about her. We end up driving (which we shouldn’t have, and weren’t planning on) and make it home safe. I rush inside, charge my phone some and call her back. She answers, but she’s on the freeway and lost. She pulls over. We talk for a while until she sobers up a little bit. She apologizes for messing up and hanging out again and we make plans to meet for breakfast at the 101 at 10am. She decides to go to her parents house and sleep and I go inside, still worried, but feeling better. I pass out on a chair, watching movies.