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11/13/03 - l.a. diaries pt 2

2003.11.13  15.08 l.a. diaries pt 2 (from livejournal) it's been about two weeks now. scouring the streets of l.a., socializing, schmoozing, inter-personal drama. i tell ya, this town is a challenge. being new is hard enough, but dealing with certain pervaying attitudes makes it even harder. first of all, i don't think there's one person in this town that isn't completely supported by their parents. something goes wrong and the first thing they do is get on the phone to mommy and daddy. it's fucking silly. second, the majority of people are blood sucking vampires. i feel like han solo and chewbacca in empire strikes back, stuck in that asteroid cave, shooting the electronic eating bats off the millineum falcon. get the fuck off me! it's fucking disgusting. you come up with an idea and the first thing people wanna do in this town is shoot down your dreams and use it for themselves. people are jaded, unenthusiastic, and have nothing interesting to say about anything. they whine about themselves and their petty problems. it's eating at me, sucking the life from my limp body (insert slurping sounds here), but it won't stop me. i'll show these motherfuckers, or god help me, i'll die trying. i'll fight every single one of them. that's one thing about myself that i'm really proud of, i don't give up. granted, that persistance has gotten me in trouble in the past, but i think i'm finally learning how to control it. you choose your battles. in the meantime, i still have to deal with finding a job, a home, a girl who can't decide if she likes me or not, and never ending, bone crushing traffic. i eat like shit, i haven't slept in weeks now and i've become an alcoholic. i'd write better and longer, but i still haven't eaten and for the life of i can't think straight. all in all though, i'm having a good time. ps i met adam