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11/05/03 - l.a. diaries

2003.11.05  18.51 l.a. diaries (from livejournal) the second full day of unabashed job hunting is over. walking the streets of melrose, hollywood, vermont, sunset. you hiring? no. oh, take a resume anyway. you might see me wandering around outside, but ignore, unless you're hiring. there are a few good leads 1. i walked into urban outfitters and ran into a friend....who's a manager. they are hiring. 2. a resturant called cheeba may need a new bartender. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for ameoba though. a comic book store bought some of my comis too, but i spent all the money in the store. i've been exploring the l.a. nightlife. it's weird when every single night you can say, "huh, first time here." been meeting a lot of people and realizing how many people i already know. today, while job searching i ran into a friend on the street i hadn't seen in years. funny, i always wondered where all the seattle people disapeered to. the secret is out: l.a. travis and i have been being taken over to a few special events. we went to the opening of justin timberlake's new resturant last night. no, he wasn't there, but still a $350 dinner paid for by your friends expense acount is a worthwhile night regardless. we got fucked on fancy drinks. travis was in rare form, convincing the rich people in the smoking section that we were in a band on mtv. and the drinks kept on coming, even after our friends left. my jaw dropped as model after model walked by. only in l.a. will you find people this beautful. in seattle, at least i was cute, now i'm lucky if anyone even takes a first glance let alone a second. i guess they just haven't discovered my sparkiling personality yet... after spilling my guts on yesterday's post, i felt a million times better. i hadn't really looked at things from a different perspective. i understand things now. i guess i don't realize how much pressure i can put on people sometimes. i get an image in my head and i try to make it happen. works well with business, bad with people. maybe i should stop air drumming for once and start listening. tonight, another bar, more dancing, more mingling. we're heading to some place called star shoes. never been there, but been hearing things. we'll see. Mood: content Music: The shins