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08/16/03 - last of the drunk-hekans!

2003.08.16  16.59 (from live journal) the last of the drunk-hekans! i just got back from seeing Freddy Vs. Jason. i woke up this morning feeling like shit. it very well could have been the first hang over of my life, i'm really not sure. all i know is that i was about 50 lbs lighter, strictly from dehydration. for christ sakes, on the booze cruise last night i drank an entire flask of wiskey plus 4 whiskey coke doubles. i was pulling out the james brown moves on the dance floor. the keyboard i'm looking at right now as i'm typing is still rocking, as if i never left that damn boat. it was 4 hours of nautic pleasure that seemed to fly by in a matter of minutes. hint hint played a great set. i had a plan while we were out. i was either a: gonna be the guy to fall off the boat, or b: be the guy to puke off the side of the boat. neither happened. i had my photo op for the stranger totally lined up and everything, but no matter how much i drank i just couldn't get to the puke phase, only the i can't stand up anymore phase and this fucking keyboard i'm writing on will not stop rocking!!! i swear the entire room is moving right now! what the fuck is wrong with me! anyway, as i was leaving the boat i met this girl from austalia. she'd just arrived in town the day previous and is leaving a couple days. my friends and i took it upon ourselves to show her the seattle nightlife. once you've seen one seattle house party and had the typical cha cha experience, you've pretty much done it all. time to move on to the next town. get out while you can!! shit!! i drank too fucking much last night. as i scratch my head to remember the fuzzy details, i realize i totally need a shower. i remember last night as i was walking through the boat, i tripped on some ledge and spilled my drink all over me. i know i went to the cha cha, the alibi room and a house party with a lot of free alcohol, then i took a cab home, watched beatles anthology 2 and fell asleep, and speaking of watching things, Freddy Vs. Jason really is a good movie, despite the terrible acting. it's the perfect morning after movie, especially when you're experiencing your first hang over. good night and good luck, off to work. Mood: drained Music: Belle & Sebastion