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08/26/03 - mmmmm…. Coffee

10.39am mmmmm....Coffee. (from livejournal) This morning i had to wake up at 7 am for a film shoot. i have a bit part in my friend Amira's short, "The Man Who Fell In Love." after staying up until 5 in the morning, dj'ing and running a successful Akimbo show and then exploring the extras on the Daredevil DVD, i woke up on time, somehow, but fell back asleep and was late. not that it mattered much. i've been sitting in Amira's apartment for the last 2 hours waiting for us to head over to the church (we're shooting a wedding scene). everyone is still being costumed and make-upped. i've been drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, taking advantage of the snack tray and complaining to my friend joey about how much the music sucks and the other people here suck, it's us against them i say. plus, i'm pissed we don't have the staring role. how dare she offer us a bit part? just kidding. they're awesome, i'm having fun, but does what suck, joey waited around all morning, and he had to leave to go to work. at least he got free coffee. speaking of coffee, i've been reading the cometbus omnibus lately. when i was younger (especially in the O.C.C. & Showoff days), i used to read a lot of it. i quit buying publications for the most part due to lack of money and a need to invest in roadtrips and bands. i'd forgotten aaron's love of coffee and my own. before i was 21, before i moved to bellingham, my friend luke and i used to spend everynight at denny's in bloomington, in, drinking coffee. we'd show up somewhere between midnight and 2 and stay until dawn, taking advantage of the free refills, making up our own explanations for the existance of the universe, writing, drawing. our tolerence grew to immessurable heights. i could drink 8 cups and go home and pass out. now, i'm lucky if i don't get the jitters after one. with the absence of a decent 24 hour diner and the discovery of alcohol, coffee slowly took the back door, and eventually left the building entirely and ran. it's funny how things come full circle. after reading cometbus again and catching up on old ideals and ways of living, understanding them more and remembering my uncanny love of being productive on coffee. lately, i've been opting to walk up to bau haus, grab up cup or two afterwork and go back home and write, draw or play drums in dimly lighted rooms rather than blowing a weeks worth of money at the bar and stumbling home. i'm healthier and happier because of it. there's satisfaction when some asks me what i've been up to, when the party comes, it counts and i've been getting my tolerance back too.

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