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10/14/03 - notes from the transition….

ugh. i'm so exhausted. i've been driving myself mad trying to prepare for the move. everything is going as planned, but i feel like i constantly put myself in a place where i stack up the odds against myself. i've been spending every hour of everyday organizing, packing, trying, trying to finish projects, making every dollar count. i feel like i've been neglecting my friends. i haven't been sleeping. not that i'm complaining. these are things i have to do, and i'm proud of myself that i'm accomplishing them. it seems like an almost impossible task, but i'll do it. i'll make it. two more weeks of this. my birthday is next week. oct 22nd. i'll be 25. is that old? i'm feeling old. i'm not sure if i've ever been this responsible or this focused ever in my life and it's scarey. i bought a car this week. the first one i've had in five years. the funny thing is, it's almost the exact same car i had five years ago. it got me to washington and now it takes me away. it's weird how right before you move, the town you've been living in, your life and the lives of those around you suddenly become really dramatic. extremes seem to pop out of nowhere. am i only being hyper-sensitive? friends start to call you more, girls start to throw themselves at you, crushes are revealed, really awkward, fucked up things go wrong, close friends find themselves in perilous situations they've never found themselves in before. all this at a time when you're going through your own personal crisis. it's kind of awesome and ripe with adventure. but still, how is it that always, you can cram a lifetime's worth of good stories into two weeks?