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10/05/03 - over drama = frozen pizza

2003.10.04  02.45 over drama = frozen pizza (from livejournal) there's been a lot of posistive response to my moving to l.a. post a couple days ago. words like "inspiring" and "inspirational" have been used. i'm grateful for the praise, but at the same time, i just don't see it that way. all i'm doing is what i feel is right. it's not the hard choice. what's wrong is that a lot of other people feel like they don't have the same option. you do. we live in a society that enforces certain ideals and ways of living. school, college, car, marriage, dog, 2.3 kids, house, ect... but it's not true. no one forces us to live that way. you can do anything you want. it's not hard, you just do it. period. the only thing holding us back is ourselves. this is nothing new. it's been said a million times, but people make it so difficult. don't think, do. you'll figure it out. i have no idea what's gonna happen. i don't have a job, i don't have a place to live. who cares! it's the adventure. the great unknown. the power in knowing that you can. i hate it when reality sets in. whether it be a person, place or thing. you can have brief interactions with something and dream up a whole world around it. you can grasp onto that dream and hold on for dear life. wishing. hoping. then, you get to know it, and it's not what you thought it was. not even close. it's like passing through a place on vacation or tour. your only experiencing the best. your view of the city so limited. then, you're living there. you know where the corner markets are, where the alleys are, and suddenly all the things you remember, don't quite look the same and the magic's left cuz you see it everyday now. i don't know where i'm going with this, except to say, i hate it when it happens. i hate it when the first two weeks are over. i hate when i become so accustomed to something that i don't appreciate it as much anymore. i hate when the magic dies. Mood: drunk