Franki Chan Blog

01/31/06 - RANDOM SHITZ!

I stayed up till 5am the last couple nights working on my house (in fact, I’m writing this at sometime between 5 and 6am, paint covered hands and all). We’re doing a complete remodel of the whole thing, or at least, finishing moving in. It’s included a lot of heavy lifting and I’ve been putting in quite a large amount of overtime, inadvertently fulfilling a goal for myself I’ve been trying to accomplish for years: spending some time alone. When I was younger, even up till later in high school, I spent a lot of time alone, until I made a couple real friends. To keep myself entertained and my imagination at bay, I’d talk to myself, play out scenarios and act out big scenes all the time. It was like I’d split myself in half and be able to see two versions of myself. Who I normally am and this amplified, better version, my ideal self. He was the one I wanted to be, the leader, the speech giver, superhero, Indiana Jones, etc. He was everyone and everything I felt like I couldn’t be as the fat kid going through puberty with a terrible stuttering problem and a predilection for Nintendo and comic books. ….aaaannnnd I totally fell asleep right around here….. SHIT! I am so gonna get one of these done sometime soon…. Here’s a quickie: A couple nights ago some friends and I went out and filmed a quick short film. It’s probably around a minute long. We did it guerilla style with a couple cameras and a some quick permission from a laundry mat. It was an idea I’d come up with a few weeks ago, one of many crazy scenarios I daydream about (see above). It was so much fun! I hadn’t done anything like it since high school when some friends and I had our own public access television show called TUBE OF CRAP. Our show only aired once and then got banned for being too controversial, then my friend’s parents locked the tape in a safety deposit box. We thought it was hilarious. It was a skit show made by angry teenagers who were fed up with small town INDIANA with a soundtrack that ranged from STAX RECORDS bands to SLAYER. I don’t think anyone understood our sick humor except us. I moved to OKINAWA shortly after our show got taken away from us. We were bound and determined to keep it going, though, and for the next 4 years, I carried a video camera with me virtually everywhere I went, from OKINAWA, back to INDIANA, to being on tour with OPERATION: CLIFF CLAVIN, to falling in love with a girl I met on a WEEZER website and moving cross country to be with her (true story). Sometime in that time frame I lost that camera and I hadn’t picked one up again until a few nights ago. I really missed it. Gotta get this thing out. Watch for tales from the SAN DIEGO FIELD TRIP next week and for a big announcement on THURSDAY! Over the next few months we’ll be reveling a lot of new and exciting things! I can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been working on (especially the house). BBQ TIME! Xo