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THE PARTY BUS ADVENTURE! Holy moly! SUNDAY night was one of the funnest experiences I’ve had in a long while! The PARTY BUS was a complete success and full zany antics (thanks DIRTY PRESTON). Dude, it was sooo amazing! Here’s a little recap: After a day of fixing up my house again and a couple, “SEATTLE ate shit!” phone calls (concerning the SUPERBOWL), I realized it was time to make my way down to the BEAUTY BAR to begin the roundup for the SAN DIEGO PARTY BUS FIELD TRIP. I showed up, promptly at 6:30pm carrying my records, a six-pack of SPARKS and my trusty bullhorn, to help corral the crowd. Slowly, people began to meander in, anticipation for the trip ahead, building. We began loading the PARTY BUS with cases of beer and making last chance bathroom break announcements. At 7:30 we loaded up the bus with a motely crew of vagabonds, punks and Hollywood hipsters. By 8pm, we were off and almost instantly the chaos began. Chants and sing-a-longs of STONE TEMPLE PILOT and SUBLIME songs (why?) began to explode from the front of the bus, people began switching seats, meeting each other, conversing, yelling and, at times, tackling. The bathroom on the bus at some point locked its own door shut and we were forced to make a bathroom stop. 50+ drunk people spilled out of the bus and practically into the lap of the lone, foreign gas attendant. I felt so bad for him. We showed up at the brand new BEAUTY BAR SAN DIEGO just in time to catch the last half of THIS BLUSH, who were playing an amazing show to a totally packed audience caught in a feverish dance. We were thrown head first into an alreadt raging party. The new BEAUTY BAR was spacious and designed beautifully, maybe my favorite location yet. THE LIKE were up next. As always, they put on a stunning performance, blowing the crowd away and making at least two people (those I witnessed, anyway) faint from over-stimulation. I finished off the night DJing, giving SAN DIEGO a dance lesson or two. Maybe my best drunk performance, ever? The ride back, somehow, was even crazier than the ride there. We took a different bus and this time the driver was prepared. He provided top 40 hip hop and PRINCE as the soundtrack to our exploits. The bus turned into a full on dance party, complete with people making out and kids sneaking smokes in the back. It was complete insanity. At some point I passed out. It was the kind of pass out where you don’t even realize time had passed. One instant we were somewhere in southern California, the next, I was being shoved off the bus. I finally made it home by 5am and all day yesterday I was completely wrecked, suffering from level red hangover. I think it may be time to start coming up with the occasional field trip. Keep your eyes open for part 2…. Here’s the photos, provided by THE COBRASNAKE, for those of you that missed out: