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02/14/06 - SEATTLE TRIP 2/10-13

"Rabid Pugs and the Alarming Status Quo aka SEATTLE Trip 2/10-13" Last FRIDAY morning I woke up early and confident everything was on schedule. I'd stayed in the night before so I could make sure to be well rested (one of the only other times I'd ever done that; the other was for DISNEY WORLD when I was 10). I had a list I'd prepared of the things that needed to be accomplished that morning before I left to get on the plane to be in SEATTLE that evening for the party I was throwing with WOLFMOTHER. I did it all, I was right on time, and I'll be damned if I didn't miss that flight! Fuck me all to hell, seriously. There was a time and a place when my punctuality was the envy on my peers, usually costing me entire afternoons waiting for who ever I was meeting to show up. I never missed a flight, not once. Now, if I don't miss it, it's like there's something wrong. The airlines make it too easy. You just hang out and get on the next one. Where's the consequences? I ended up hanging around LAX AIRPORT for 5 hours until I could get on the next flight. I kept reminding myself of all the adventures TOM HANK's character in THE TERMINAL got into and longed for that one stewardess to ditch her mistress and whisk me off my feet (never happened). I really wanted to get into it. I found the spot where I'd build my hut, I began playing matchmaker with the airport staff, I explored the wonders of the airport food court, I did everything I could to keep my mind off the fact that all I wanted was god damn cigarette, but didn't want to walk back through security. At 8pm I arrived in SEATTLE, just in time to make it to the show that was already in progress. My friend JAMIE BERGH picked me up from the airport as always. She dropped me off at CHOP SUEY and I rushed inside to an already full crowd. I was blown away. SEATTLE people really have a love for FREE TEQUILA and knock your socks off rock n' roll (WOLFMOTHER), and it showed. My old friend from BELLINGHAM, WA, KRIS K (we both used to book competing ALL AGES shows up there) was on the turntables when I arrived. It was the first time I'd ever heard him DJ and I was so impressed. JESSE from URB and ERNEST the SAUZA guy were hanging around bringing some LOS ANGELES flavor, old friend's from SEATTLE were slowly crowding in and THE DIVORCE totally played an amazing show. The pressure mounted and the anticipation built for WOLFMOTHER. The 700+ crowd was about to explode. The lights dimmed and the announcement was made. WOLFMOTHER took the stage to overwhelming, thunderous applause and then proceeded to rip the virgin crowd a new asshole. Their set was mind blowing and when they left the stage, the audience was left, begging for more, so much so, that a DJ set by yours truly wasn't gonna appease them. As I set up my stuff for the last 45 minutes that was to be a dance party fervor, only those dedicated to the bright lights and big bling of the dance floor stayed behind. I even felt weird taking the stage after them. Who could compare? After the CHOP SUEY show was the after hours party at SEATTLE's tride and true after hours spot, THE EGG ROOM (now called the CARDINAL ROOM, but I won't let the egg die). My buddies FOUR COLOR ZACK and CREIGHTON joined me behind the decks and we rocked the party till dawn. At around 6 am, the long course of the day really began to wear on me. I wanted to go home, but I needed to find a ride. A few other friends decided to leave at around the same time and invited me to ride with them. I took them up on the offer, but they wanted to stop by someone's house real quick. What began as essentially a drive by, turned into the rest of the evening. We walked inside the apartment and almost immediately beers were distributed to everyone. Wacky conversations that only people suffering from late night drug induced dimentia began to break out left and right. I found myself trying to keep up and then, everything went black…. I woke up at 9am with a gasp. I looked around only to find myself in unfamiliar surroundings and lying in a bed between two girls (keep your mind out of the gutter, everyone was fully clothed). My throat hurt and I needed water. One of the other girls woke up too. We gathered our things and decided to get coffee. Sleep was no longer an option. SATURDAY turned into a sort of a daze. I eventually made it back to JAMIE and HANK's apartment, where I was staying. I spent most of my day catching up on SEASON 4 of THE SOPRANOS, minus one very enjoyable dinner with my old boss, CHRIS BENO. I'd made several plans for the evening, but totally failed to show up to any of them when I passed out at around 9:30 pm. I just couldn't do it, too exhausted. SUNDAY was the PHOTO SHOOT. I've been in some serious need of press photos for my DJ stuff for a while. My friend JUSTIN RENNEY came up with a brilliant concept involving the EGG ROOM (again) and a few ZOMBIES! it was maybe the best idea ever…. THANK YOU so much to everyone who showed up and volunteered time. It was so rad! I'll be showing the photos off soon…. The CHA CHA party, CHECK YO' PONYTAIL! that night was equally as awesome, complete with back room dance party action and the obligatory SEATTLE AFTER PARTY at a near by apartment. Buddies galore were around and good times, as always, were had. Ahhh, SEATTLE.. I made it to the airport on time the next morning. When I got off the airplane at LAX, I gave the pilot a high five and kissed each and every stewardess on the way out. "Thanks for the extra bag of pretzels," I whispered in one of their ears. I was back in LOS ANGELES and ready for more….. well, whatever it is I do…. Till next time. xo