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04/19/04 - the distraction agenda

2003.08.15  18.06 (from live journal) the distraction agenda. i need to work on my graphic novel. i have pages and pages of notes, scens, dialog written, a good start, but what i need teh most is isolation. i need a big, fat lock, a barbed wire fence, a coupel gallons of water and a word processor. i think teh lack of food would only help. the madness that besets my mind from starvation can sometimes bring me freedom. the cares of teh rest of teh world wash away and the focus goes straight to my stomach, then insanity sets in and somehow i become funny. there was this one time in bellingham, wa i decided it would be a good idea to fast for five days. i ingested no food, but still drank and smoked and lived mainly on odwalla juices and water. i lasted four, but slowly i lost mt balance and my wits. my co-workers and friends were begging me to eat. i went into some sort of delerium. i saw visions and premonitions. i swear there was a funny story involving a gargoyle and some ninjas, but i just can't remember it anymore. anyway, my point is, it may be good for me to apply that same behavior to my epic. maybe it'll liven things up in that way that only craziness can, or maybe i shoudl just sit down and write the damn thing. tonight i'm going on a "booze cruise". it's my frist time on a cruise ship and it'll be full of bands, dj's and drinks. if someone screams, "man overboard!," it'l probably be me in the water. wish me luck.