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08/19/03 - the wolf

2003.08.19  03.16 (from livejournal) the wolf i've spent my last few days in seattle hanging out with a girl i met on the booze cruise named lucy. she's from australia and was only in seattle for three days. my roommate travis and i took it upon ourselves to show her around seattle. it almost felt like we were on her trip with her, exploring this city in ways we've forgot about since living here for so long and developing a newfound friendship along the same way. i wonder if she got tired of all the austalia jokes we kept making? she's off to vancouver now and after that new york, then europe. she has a couple months left in front of her. i wish her luck. i found out today i might be going back down to l.a. this weekend to play a couple shows with your enemies friends and then tour back up the coast with vendetta red. i hope it happens. i can only imagine the trouble to be had with zane and i and vendetta red and your enemies friends all in the same room. plus, (for those of you that have read my FRANKIE'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE UPDATES on friendster will know) i'll get to see tammy, the girl i met in l.a., and i'm stoked about that. she'll be in seattle the second week of september, visiting. i can't wait. i hope the trip happens. i'm listening to the new andrew wk album right now. my friend andrew bonazelli got a promo copy and made a tape for me. it's absolutely fantastic. a bit more sentimental/inspirational and piano heavy than the first, but take the same basic formula and add in metal solos, and yeah, you know what that means....the shit rulez!! i had this idea earlier that i was going to turn my next livejournal post into a rant. somehow between being totally pissed off for having to sit through revoltion smile (possibly the biggest assholes in rock today) and arriving at my computer desk, my mood went from sour discontent to almost jubilation. the only thing i can point it to are the paragraphs above. as cheesy as it may sound and as terribly cheesy as his diatribes are, i actually do receive a certain amount of inspiration from the ole A Dubs. no matter how bad things are, they always seem to get better. there's always hope. everyday you have to keep trying to take that next step forward. be the best person you can. make the world a better place. have fun. at various points in my life, i've had everything taken from me, my home, my possesions, my friends, my parents, my art, my dignity. i've been beat up, abused, spat on and had some of the worst things in the world said about me, but i've never given up. i've kept my chin up. i've fought back and ultimately i've gained those things back and more. sometimes different, usually better. it's not a competition with them, it's only one with yourself. the world is not going to end, it's only what you make of it. thanks AWK. i look forward to seeing you next week! maybe i'll rant next time. Mood: accomplished Music: Andrew WK