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Look! I’m a Model!

Posted by Franki on: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

A few weeks ago GENERIC SURPLUS invited myself, my best buddy, Zane Landreth, Paul Devro and Jamal Dauda to model for their winter line of Men’s shoes. The premise was ‘LAs rising DJs’.

We all met up at Dominic’s in Hollywood for a day of photo shoots and on camera interviews. They laced us each up with a pair of new shoes and we got right to it. Walking into the situation I think all of us expected it to be a fun day doing a favor for a friend, but we came to find out that this was to be a full on national campaign!

Make sure to keep a look out for the full page Generic Surplus ad in Vice Magazine and check out my video interview here:

And download my new mixtape made exclusively for GENERIC SURPLUS:


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